A Few Words About Qtractor

After I got sound working I wanted to record MIDI using Qtractor (version 0.5.4), a digital audio workstation application that’s pre-installed in Ubuntu Studio 12.04. Qtractor seems promising and has a special place in my heart as the first GNU/Linux program I successfully recorded MIDI into. 🙂

I feel that Qtractor has some “rough edges,” but some of those issues can be dealt with and I plan to re-visit those issues in the future.

Some actions in Qtractor are available from multiple places — the main menu, a keyboard shortcut, a toolbar button, and/or a right-click context menu. I care very much about operating as efficiently as possible but I’ll generally demonstrate the actions from the main menu because it’s easier to describe. Feel free to try the alternative methods.

The Qtractor manual (created by a Qtractor user) is available here.

My thoughts about Qtractor apply to the entire Ubuntu Studio experience. I’m trying to give Ubuntu Studio a fair chance and am trying to avoid leaping to incorrect conclusions based on my limited experience.

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