Configuring the Qtractor Metronome

If you’ve used digital audio workstation software you know the importance of playing along with a metronome or a drum track. Qtractor has two metronomes: an audio metronome and a MIDI metronome. For my immediate purpose I thought the audio metronome would be easier to set up.

The audio metronome requires two WAV files: one file for the first beat of each bar and a second file for the other beats. Qtractor doesn’t come with any appropriate files, but an Internet search for qtractor metronome found this page on the Qtractor forum.

That page contained three sets of metronome files, plus a link to more files on the REAPER forum.

I downloaded the three sets on the first page plus the Seiko SQ50 set from the REAPER forum. I tried them and decided to use the Seiko SQ50 set. I moved the two files to their permanent location.

In Qtractor, I selected View > Options… to open the Options window. I then selected the Audio tab. In the Metronome section, I checked the Enable audio metronome checkbox and browsed to the desired files for File (bar) and File (beat). I then clicked OK to close the Options window.

Metronome Options

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